Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back at it...

I'm baaaaaaack. Did anyone miss me? Probably not, but it feels good to get back into all of those "normal" things, so I'm back to blogging. Interestingly enough, blogging was not the first "normal" activity I got back to...going to the gym was. Hmmmm...who am I and what has invaded my body? Ha ha...

OK, so what am I typing about today? I think FUN is a good topic.

So, what has been FUN in my life recently?

Well, the stomach flu was NOT FUN, so we're going to let that dead dog lie.

But, soon after the dreaded stomach flu came NICE SPRING-LIKE weather....oh, yeah...that was FUN people! A few of my favorite things of spring...
  • Seeing the crocus and daffodils peeking through the ground, and finally stretching up to shine their amazingly vibrant colors
  • The smell of fresh mulch...mmmmmmm
  • GREEN grass
  • Flower garden planning...what to plant, what to move, etc!

I love getting outside with the kids...they can play while I work on cleaning out a flower bed. We did a lot of that last week. They play, I cut, dig, and haul off. The pleasant surprise this year is that as I'm working I'm feeling out of breath, let's just go in and lay on the couch feelings for me this spring.

I love finding little garden the pansies that came back and were blooming on the side deck, or the vinca vine that is coming back in the deck boxes.

I love cutting back the rose bushes, knowing that they're going to be filled with beautiful blooms soon and that we'll have months and months to enjoy their beauty.

I love getting the deck cleaned up, deck furniture cleaned up and ready to's almost time for evenings on the deck while the kids play in the of joys!

And, when the weather outside is too spring showery, fun inside will just have to do, right? Lately fun inside has been Wii Just Dance. It's the first game that I've REALLY enjoyed other than Wii Fit/Plus. Avery thinks it's totally cool...Drake isn't sure about it, but Mom knows that his dislike stems from the fact that MOM beats him every time! The kid just can't take a beat-down from his old Mom!

In general I think the anticipation of Spring is fun...there's so much to look forward to. A fun filled summer, flowers and vegetables growing, the return of the Farmer's Market, evenings outside by the fire pit, flashlight tag, neighborhood bbqs, days and nights at the neighborhood beach, planting new things, riding bikes, taking walks after dinner, fun family times, the return of the snowbird grandparents, cool breezes at night, watching the tree canopy in the back return and shut us out from the outside very much to look forward to!

But, alas, 'tis not all fun and games in the real world. There's a mountain of laundry calling my name (or is that one of the kids?)...well, either way, it's time to get back to work so that I can enjoy some more fun later today. Have a great day everyone and an equally wonderful week ahead of you!


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Eternal Lizdom said...

I fully understand the need to get back into a routine. I'm working on it this coming week- but I have 2 doctor appts to contend with, too!!