Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bits & Pieces of Me.....II

Here's another blog post of bits and pieces. No one single topic, just little stuff that's been floating around my cosmos lately.

Little Gestures

I know plenty of women who need those grand gestures from their man to know they really love them. I'm no fool...I like a good grand gesture as much as the next gal, but what really gets me are those little gestures. You know...the hubby knows something is bothering you so he does something nice, especially when you least expect it.

Jeff's pretty good at those little gestures and I totally love that about him! Last week was a rough one, as many of you know. Wednesday was Schuyler's birthday, and I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with it. I had blogged about it and talked about it on Facebook. Jeff never mentioned all. But, on Wednesday, as I was heading back from the gym (the first time), he called me to see where I was and what was going on. Kinda an unusual conversation, but later I realized he was trying to figure out when I'd be home so that the flowers were delivered to me when I was home. Yep...he sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers to help brighten my day. What a guy.

His second (and I guess 3rd, really) gesture of the week were household projects. Now, please understand, Jeff is the "call someone to do it right" kinda guy. And normally, I appreciate that! But, we had a few minor things that I really wanted done.

The first involved our outside light pole that is in front of our house. Around Halloween (yeah, October 2009) Jeff put a red bulb in the light thinking it'd be festive. Then Christmas rolled around and it fit the festive theme again. After Christmas it was still there. I wasn't a big fan of the red bulb. The one nice thing with it is that I could give people directions to the house as "follow the road down and we're the first whore house on the right".

Well, today the bulb has been changed...I am no longer living in a whore house. Well, not advertising it anyway.....ha ha ha.

And finally, the last kudos for my hubby is that he put up another flag bracket on the garage for me. The last one snapped off during a high wind, and I have been without the colors since. We hung the flag after we got home from Schuyler's funeral and I was anxious to get it back. Tonight as I walked Albus out for his evening pee I just smiled when I saw the beautiful Old Glory displayed once again.

Thanks,'re one in a million.

Spring? Maybe? Hopefully? Please?????

Man, the weather here the last 2 days has been incredible. Mid-50's to mid-60's. That feels SO incredible after the cold. Today was awesome....sunny....slight breeze.....warm sun on your face. Ahhhhh....I can feel spring just around the corner. The bulbs are peeking up and I'm ready to say "Adios Winter". Who's with me?


There's so much unhappiness in the world. I've been trying VERY hard to focus on the happiness. They say ignorance is bliss and I'd much rather be blissful than stressed out all the time. So, here are some simple things that bring me happiness.
  • Reading "Guess How Much I Love You" for the 3,496th time to Avery while we're snuggling in bed
  • Watching Drake make something creative out of Legos just because he wants to
  • Sunshine
  • Seeing Albus play with his dog-pals Tia and Lucky
  • Organizing and cleaning out yet another cluttered drawer or space
  • Going to the gym and sweating it out
  • Talking to my family on the phone
  • Date night with Jeff
  • Seeing the smile of the sweetest 12 month old in the world, Molly
  • The promise of spring flowers
  • Laughing with friends

There are so many more things and people that make me happy, but that's a good start. Hell, happiness in itself is a good start, right?


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