Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being Thankful

There is just so much to be thankful for in my life that I hate to even start trying to make a list. I mean, there's the biggies, like health, a loving husband, my family, a home, etc. And then there's simple, obvious stuff that we take for granted, right, like electricity and music on the radio, etc.

So that leaves me kinda unsure of where to start. I guess I'll just make a list, and you must know this list is so totally non-inclusive. If something is absent from the list, but present in my life, please don't think this list is some declaration of my unthankfulness of said item!

Here goes.....I am thankful FOR:
  • my husband, Jeff
  • my kids, Drake and Avery
  • my brothers, their spouses and children
  • my niece (little sister) Amber...she gets a line of her own
  • my Dad and the way our relationship has evolved since my Mom died
  • my girlfriends
  • my neighborhood...Spring Arbor PRIVATE baby!
  • my home and my yard
  • my swagger wagon
  • my health
  • my commitment to a healthier me, and the results that I've seen thus far
  • compliments (very closely related to above item!)
  • jeans that fit....I mean REALLY fit
  • technology...I LOVE me some technology kids
  • being able to cook a good meal
  • compliments (very closely related to above item!)
  • being able to help others
  • blogging and readers who leave comments about my blog
  • photographs
  • comfort and stability
  • chaos and insanity
  • a warm house and a warm bed
  • a fridge full of food in the house and another one full of booze in the garage
  • feeling comfortable enough with who I am to be able to say what I mean and mean what I say
  • being able to talk to a friend and vent or complain and feel better when I'm done
  • snuggling with my kids
  • our new dog, Polly
  • my cell phone...means my family can reach me anytime, anywhere if they need me
  • old friends that have been there throughout the years
  • new friends that are so incredible you forget they haven't been around for years
  • sarcasm
  • comedy
  • live theater
  • wine
  • my treadmill
  • honest people
  • perspective...although, as in most life lessons, perspective was one gained the hard way, but that lesson has given me such clarity that I am happy to have learned it this early in my life
  • my life
  • the end of this list

Again, while not all encompassing of the things I'm thankful for, that list represents the top-of-mind-awareness that I could type out in those few minutes. I guess the easiest way to describe it is simply, I am thankful.

I sincerely hope that anyone reading this has a wonderful Thanksgiving, surrounded by good food, great friends, and much laughter.

Enjoy your day....

Be Thankful.....I am......

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kimlindgren said...

That's a pretty good list. Thanks for making me smile and in one instance laugh as I read it. Keep up the wonderful blogs you write!