Saturday, January 2, 2010

Clutter On My Mind

OK, here it is...I am a pack rat. I am NOT a hoarder, but I am a pack rat. I'm not sure of the clinical difference, but I don't have stacks of shit in my house that you have to walk through to get to the bathroom. There are no walls of newspapers or couches made out of cat vomit.

However, I have a couple of problem spots in my house. One is my office. The other major one is my "craft" or "crap" room as Jeff calls it.

My good friend Carolyn revealed something to me this year. When the clutter is gone, my mind is eased. I honestly enjoy the methodical orderliness of a clutter free room. of my "projects" for 2010 is to DECLUTTER. Now, I'm not going to get on here and say that my December my entire house will be totally clutter-free and Martha Stewart herself would dine off my floor. However, I will say that I am going to TRY very hard to pick a project each week and get it done.

I will start small at first, because decluttering for me is a bit addictive once I get going. If I start small, with say, maybe a few drawers in a room, then I'm very likely to proceed on to bigger projects (like aforementioned office and craft room).

So, since tomorrow is Sunday I feel that it's important to announce my first decluttering project. I am going to declutter and organize the 6 drawers in the living room this week. There are 2 end tables and one coffee table, each with 2 drawers. Now, if you're neat and clean you're probably going, OH MY bad could these drawers be? Well, they are pretty full...mostly of old magazines and toys. By this time next week these 6 drawers will be decluttered, organized, and more functional for the room in which they sit. I will post before and after pictures so that you can see I'm not lying about having a bunch of crap in these drawers!!! (Although, anyone that's actually seen my office or the craft room can vouch for me.)

There's something about ridding my life of the junk and simplifying that frees my mind. Hopefully this little project of mine will help keep me motivated and maybe even cause a few of you to organize a drawer or two!


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